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3 ways to transform your old drawers

puppy in a drawer Photo by Albach/Shutterstock

A pet bed

Most people daydream about their cozy beds. Why wouldn’t your dog? Make a one-of-a-kind pet-bed frame using an old dresser drawer. First, remove any drawer hardware. Patch any holes with wood filler, and sand lightly. Pick up four furniture feet from your local lumber supply, or cut 4″ pieces of 2×2. Attach the feet by screwing through the drawer bottom (at least two wood screws for each leg). We applied one coat of primer and two coats of latex semigloss (and glued on some wood letters we scouted). You can distress the finish by sanding the paint lightly in areas where natural wear would occur, such as around the edges. Take off small amounts at a time; you can always sand more until you’re satisfied. Pop in a pet bed and your best friend will soon be chasing chipmunks in his sleep.

Storage below

The dusty space under your bed isn’t just for rogue socks. All you need is an old drawer, four small casters from the local hardware store, a lid to keep out animals and dust, plus nuts, bolts, washers, and two small hinges. Attach the casters to the drawer bottom with nuts, bolts, and washers. Cut the lid from ¼” plywood, sized to the drawer’s outside dimensions. Attach with hinges.

Cool mirror with built-in shelf

A spiffy new shower curtain is only one way to freshen up your bathroom. Have mirrored glass cut to an old drawer’s inside dimensions, with a 1/8″ gap all around. Use clear silicone caulking on the back to attach the mirror to the drawer bottom. For a more finished look, cut wood trim and install it carefully to hide the edges of the glass. Hang the drawer on the wall, using a picture-hanging kit designed for heavy objects. You can even affix hooks to the sides for hand towels.

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