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Antler Key Rack Template

If you’re making Paul Lewis’s handy antler key rack from the May ’14 issue of Cottage Life, you can download and print the antler template here.

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What you’ll find in the May issue of Cottage Life magazine

In the May issue of Cottage Life:  How to beat bugs Top trends in boating Small world: The tiny house movement Easy antler key rack project  Plus: Non-alcoholic beers you’ll actually drink Nirivia: Does this...

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Show off your cottage getaway on My Retreat!

Do you have the perfect place to get away from it all? My Retreat, Season 2, is searching Canada-wide for more unique and wonderful spaces people call their second home. From grand summer homes and fly-in hunting camps to designer...

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3 new must-visit tourist attractions in Canada

(This article originally appeared on our sister site,, by Steph Spencer) Several attractions are set to open, offering new experiences and different perspectives for visitors to some of Canada’s most popular...

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Easy ways to make our planet a healthier place

For many, time at the cottage is defined by playing in cool, clean lakes, hiking through the woods and subsequent wildlife sightings, and breathing in fresh air. In fact, a cottage without these things wouldn't be much of a...

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Everything you ever wanted to know about BeaverTails

(This article originally appeared on our sister site,, by Maria G. Yates.) What could be tastier than dollops of gooey dough dropped into hot oil, deep fried to golden deliciousness, then sprinkled with...

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How to make your cottage accessories seasonal

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