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Planning a cottage wedding: Dealing with mother nature

The good news is you’re not having your wedding at just another banquet hall. The bad news is you’re likely to be faced with bugs and the threat of foul weather. So, while every bride and groom dreams of a sunny, perfect day,...

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Planning a cottage wedding: The neighbours

Cottagers are generally easygoing folk, but don’t push your luck by surprising your neighbours with cars parked on a shared road or a party blasting tunes all night long. CommunicationWedding planner Cori Bullock suggests...

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Planning a cottage wedding: Props and rentals

The serene beauty and get-away-from-it-all feel at cottage weddings is a world apart from the complicated preparations required for a major event in the near wilderness. Simply put: Be prepared. ToolsCori Bullock of...

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Planning a cottage wedding: Food and drink

Let your location set the tone when it comes to food. You can use a caterer for the whole thing, or mix it up with food you and your friends and family have prepared in advance combined with some special touches a caterer can...

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Planning a cottage wedding: Parting gifts and other fun tips

It‘s always difficult to come up with that unique parting gift for guests who’ve travelled from far and wide for your special celebration – and, in the case of the cottage wedding, endured black flies and weekend traffic....

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Planning a cottage wedding: Insurance

Let’s get serious. Many of the elements that make cottage weddings fun and different—rustic buildings, docks, boats, and rugged terrain—also create hazards, so hosts should weigh whether their insurance policies provide...

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Planning a cottage wedding: Transportation

The cynic who noted the Old English word for travel also meant torment was surely a cottager. The distance from urban centres that makes cottage weddings so enchanting is also a major complication. By road or water, you’re...

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Planning a cottage wedding: The grounds

Few hosts go to the lengths of the family that re-landscaped and levelled their hilly property (complete with retaining walls) to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in order to accommodate a bloated guest list. But the...

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Planning a cottage wedding: Accomodations

Unlike most occasions when you invite friends and family to your country getaway, you probably won’t have everyone staying with you during your wedding. But it’s still up to the bride and groom to help organize...

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Guide: Planning a cottage wedding

You’ve decided to take the plunge and get married at the cottage. You know it’s not going to be easy, what with bugs, summer storms, and porta-potty rentals. So to help smooth your walk down the, um, aisle, we offer the...

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