Penny Caldwell

Penny Caldwell has worked in the magazine industry as a writer and editor for more than 30 years. In 2000, she was named Editor-in-Chief of Cottage Life, which has won numerous awards under her guidance.

A passionate boater, Penny likes to kick back and enjoy cottage life at the family cottage she and her husband share with their two children and a golden retriever on an island in Georgian Bay.



Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Editor’s note: Hey, we need to talk

Last weekend, at the Spring Cottage Life Show, I had a heartening chat with a couple about one of the most stressful parenting phases: when teenagers start to drink. Not the occasional glass of wine with family at dinner, but...

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Editor’s note: To the future and back

Overheard at the Fall Cottage Life Show earlier this month: “We are trying to decide if we should get Internet.” Once upon a time, the big decision at the cottage was whether or not to bring in a phone line. Land lines are...

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Editor’s note: What’s for dinner?

When our girls moved out, DH and I stopped worrying about cooking regular meals. We no longer have to put dinner on the table for our children, so we eat when—and what—we feel like eating. My favourite dinner is hors...

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Editor’s note: It’s a tough job, but…

People sometimes ask me what I do as an editor. Serious work, I say. For instance, the other day, the Cottage Life team had an intense discussion about the spelling of “Arrrr.” This would be the sound pirates make as they...

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Flying lanterns a fire hazard for cottages

If there is one thing that has lit a fire under cottagers, it’s fire raining down from the sky. “What kind of idiot would set an uncontrolled flame floating over cottages and forests to land who knows where?” asks Terry...

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Editor’s note: Ignorance was bliss

I have reached the age my neighbours were when they told me they don’t walk around the cottage carrying lit oil lamps. This was a surprise. The lamp is there. 
It provides light. Why not take it with you into that dark...

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Editor’s note: Who’s bearing up?

Baby, it’s cold outside. Today is March 26, and the ice near our cottage is still a good metre thick. Yesterday, the pandas Er Shun and Da Mao arrived at the Toronto Zoo. Imagine their shock; when they left the Research Base of...

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Editor’s note: Harbingers of spring

Ice out, pussy willows, the Spring Cottage Life Show, and the annual Real Estate section in this issue—sure signs that spring is here. Our fabulous show celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, a great run for what has long...

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What makes a real cottage or cottager?

Do you like sparkly white lights or a multi-coloured string? Perfectly coordinated tree decorations or a scattering of mementos collected over the years? At home this year, DH and I pulled out the sparkly whites, which are...

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Local cottage history created by lake association members

Whoever said hard-cover books are dead hasn't opened the mail at Cottage Life. Among our favourite packages are the beautiful and surprisingly numerous volumes created by cottagers. Over the years, we’ve written about several of...

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