Allan Britnell

Allan Britnell

Allan Britnell has been a contributing editor to Canadian Home Workshop since 1996. In addition to home renovation and DIY topics, he covers environmental, financial, and healthcare issues for a diverse range of publications, including the Globe and Mail, Homemakers, ON Nature and Workshop’s sister publications Cottage Life and Outdoor Canada.

He is also the managing editor of Renovation Contractor, a trade magazine for contractors and small custom-homebuilders launched in 2011.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

How to build a portable game board

Resurrect an old folding table or TV tray as a portable game board with built-in game-piece storage—a simple project that requires few skills or tools. And if backgammon’s not your thing, consider a checkerboard motif. Step...

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How to tell screws apart

So this is the weekend you’re finally going to tackle the cottage “to do” list. Job one: Wade through that giant coffee can full of screws to see if you have the fasteners you need for the tasks at hand. The simplest way to...

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The top 5 mistakes cottagers make

Bryan Baeumler, host of HGTV’s Disaster DIY, has seen plenty of amateur mistakes. This year, he’s headed to cottage country. We asked him what makes cottage puttering particularly disastrous. 1. Not to code One episode of...

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The 5 best pruning tools

If a tree falls in the forest, you don’t want to hear it crashing through your cottage. Pruning helps keep greenery healthy and can prevent deadfall from doing damage. But you need the right tools for the...

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Making a ladder toss game

This may well be the perfect cottage game: It’s an afternoon’s DIY project, it’s a no-brainer to learn, and it’s addictively fun. It goes by a variety of names, including Spinnerball and Hillbilly Horseshoes, but we...

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Cottage building 101

“Location, location, location” is an age-old axiom in the real estate business. And nowhere is that more applicable than in cottage country where the building is often just a setting for taking in the view. But what if you...

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