Entire wedding party takes unexpected plunge into the lake

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Like any wedding, if you’re planning a cottage wedding, the key phrase to keep in mind is “hope for the best, plan for the worst.” The difference with a cottage wedding is that “the worst” can encompass so much more.

On top of the weather, you have to consider things like overflowing septics, electrical outages, bug tents, transportation across water and, apparently, the bridal party falling into the lake if you’re getting photos taken on the dock.

While a Georgia wedding party thought they were safe after avoiding an expected rainfall during the ceremony, the dock they were posing for pictures on collapsed, leaving every one of them drenched. 

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Luckily, according to the groom, “All of them laughed it off, went and got towelled off, and danced the night away.”

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The Futurista

Aug. 26, 2013

2:37 pm

Weddings often become different than exactly what was planned. The key is to just go with it and make the best out of every situation that occurs. The same goes for life in general! :) Find my blog on weddings, traveling and happiness here: http://thefuturistas.blogspot.ca

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