Beaver kills man in Belarus

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Next time you complain about beavers taking down the trees around your cottage, you can remind yourself of a recent story by The Associated Press.

According to reports, a fisherman in Belarus, who was hoping to get a photo with a beaver, was brutally attacked.

The unnamed fisherman was driving with friends toward a lake west of Minsk when he spotted the beaver and pulled over for a shot next to it. When he reached out to grab the rodent, it reportedly bit him several times. The beaver’s sharp teeth managed to slice through one of the 60-year-old’s major arteries, causing him to bleed to death.

While this man is the only person known to have died from a beaver attack in Belarus, according to the Star, the region has seen a string of injuries from encounters with beavers this year.

Beavers are generally nocturnal animals, and according to reports, this can sometimes leave them unsettled or confused during the day, causing them to act aggressive out of fear.





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Jul. 4, 2013

7:37 am

Beware! I love beavers, however we've also experienced woes because of the trees they chew. Our dog, enthusiastically chasing a ball through the forest a couple of years ago, ending up (sorry to be graphic) tearing his chest wide open a good foot long on a beaver stump. We made it to the vet in time, but something I could never, ever imagine happening. I will enjoy beavers, from afar thank you.

Jun. 9, 2013

5:35 pm

We enjoy our beavers, although don't always agree with their choice of trees to cut down! The two previous responders are correct--leave them alone and you won't have a problem. The other wild animal that has strong jaws and sharp teeth is the raccoon. They are wildlife too, and should not be cornered or they will fight back. You would think someone in Russia would be more aware of the dangers of handling a beaver than that seemingly dense man! P.S. How did Beavers end up in Russia? I thought they were a Canadian phenomenon (a.k.a. Hudson's Bay insignia).


Jun. 7, 2013

1:04 am

Enough of us have seen beavers during the daytime to know they are not "confused". The guy grabbed it, so it bit him. Simple lesson: don't harass the wildlife. Admire them from a distance and let them live their lives. They're not cartoon characters or stuffed toys. Give them the respect they deserve, they're not here for our amusement.


May. 29, 2013

9:45 pm

Why would anyone want to go near a wild animal with large teeth and powerful jaws? They chew down trees!! You'd think a 60 year old would have more sense!

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