10 ways to jazz up your grilled cheese

By Jackie DavisJackie Davis


Photo by Jeremy Keith

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Do you love grilled cheese at the cottage? Of course you do. If you want to take your sandwich to the next level of deliciousness, try these Cottage Life-tested combinations (use your favourite bread). Bon appetit!

1. Mozzarella + Roasted red peppers + Pesto

2. Brie + Pear slices + Dijon

3. Blue cheese + Pickled beets + Chopped walnuts

4. Emmenthal + Ham + Grated nutmeg

5. Brie + Turkey + Cranberry sauce

6. Cheddar + Bacon + Chives

7. Swiss + Sauteed mushrooms + Fresh thyme

8. Cheddar + Goat cheese + Red pepper jelly

9. Swiss + Sundried tomatoes + Olives

10. Scamorza + Shredded radicchio + Rosemary

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