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Want to own a lighthouse? Now’s your chance!

GSA Auctions

When it comes to housing fantasies, living in a lighthouse is probably high up on the list. After all, lighthouses are on the water, they’re structurally interesting, and they hold an important place in history.

But how often does the chance to buy a lighthouse actually come up? Well, it’s actually possible to buy one (or more) right now. Four lighthouses on Lake Michigan are currently being auctioned off by the U.S. General Services Administration.

Minneapolis Shoal Light lighthouse
The Minneapolis Shoal Light.

Past sales have resulted in the lighthouses being turned into museums, classrooms, and homes. And while the purchaser of the lighthouse is considered its owner, the coast guard may still access the property to maintain the lights and use them as an aid to navigation.

The lighthouses for sale include the Fourteen Foot Shoal Light, built in 1929 and named for the shallow water where it sits; the Lansing Shore Lighthousebuilt in 1928 and a bit of a fixer-upper (the first floor currently contains lead and asbestos); and the Minneapolis Shoal Light, an octagonal building built in 1934.

Funds from lighthouse sales will go to the USCG’s aid to navigation fund, which pays for maintenance of active lighthouses.

The auctions are being held through, and the bids are currently sitting between $10,00 and $27,000. So if you want to live the romantic lighthouse life, now is your chance to act. Your dream could be just a click away.