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Tour this off-grid, multi-generational cabin in Georgian Bay

On an island near Pointe au Baril along the Georgian Bay, a husband and wife duo have designed a multi-generational cabin that’s as riveting as its surrounding landscape. Adam and Katja, of Toronto-based architecture firm Agathom Co., designed the 1,000-square-foot space to be a hub for their own extended family who own the 2.8-acre island.

The main cabin, which features an angular roofline that mimics the precambrian rock on which it sits, consists of a bedroom, living room with library nook, a kitchen-slash-dining room and an additional small loft. Wooden decks and bridges bring the rocky landscape indoors, and also connect the cabin to two other small bunkies and an outhouse. Given its island location, the entire cabin is off-grid. Solar panels power a pump that brings fresh water from the lake, and the stove and fridge are fuelled by propane. The home’s only sink uses a grey water system. It’s a cosy retreat, built with care and precision, and to withstand frequent storms, that will be in the family for decades to come.

Want to see more photos of the cabin? Check out our feature, “On the edge of the world,” in the May 2007 issue of Cottage Life magazine.

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