This woodland abode proves prefabricated homes can be beautiful

The DublDom is a bright but homey little bungalow from Moscow architecture firm Bio Architects. The cabin seen in these photos is in the Russian woods, but it could be constructed just about anywhere, and in a variety of sizes, depending on the buyer’s needs.

There are plenty of reasons to buy prefabricated homes. For one thing, they’re relatively inexpensive. The smallest version of the DublDom, a hundred-square-foot bachelor-style home, comes to about $29,000 Canadian, while a three-bedroom model runs about $100,000.

Prefabricated homes also waste few materials and take less labour to put together than regular homes. In fact, the DublDom can be constructed in just ten days, making it one of the fastest ways to acquire a beautiful cabin in the woods. These homes also tend to be energy efficient, as they’re built to be airtight and usually use state-of-the-art windows and insulation. The smallest DublDom was designed to be heated with a small fire, which brings the space to a comfortable room temperature in just an hour.

The particular model seen in these photos was built for a Russian family who, favouring a modern look, selected a whitewashed pine interior. The result is a bright, open-feeling space with plenty of personality—not what we usually imagine when we think of modular homes.

So if you’re trying to decide what sort of structure to build on a beautiful piece of land, remember: the future is prefabricated.