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This tucked-away Norwegian cabin is like an amazing hidden fort

The standard approach to building a house starts with clearing a space in which to put it. But Norwegian architecture firm Lund Hagem has created a cabin on a Norwegian fjord that was designed to integrate with the pre-existing structures and terrain on the site. The result is Cabin Knapphullet (“buttonhole”), a tiny cottage that sits inconspicuously between a rock bluff and a field of natural vegetation.

The cabin itself is sparse, modern, and incredibly bright, with stunning views of the surroundings. In fact, its roof acts as a set of stairs to the rocks above, from which residents can take in a striking panoramic view of the sea. The side walls are glazed, offering open views of the area, but the surrounding rocks protect the cabin from the weather, meaning excessive insulation isn’t required. There’s a cute outdoor area with a fireplace and a small sleeping platform. The only thing missing is a kitchen, which was left out because the owners have a more fully equipped cottage nearby.

This cabin has a very low impact on its surroundings, leaving a small ecological footprint. It’s the perfect place to truly assimilate into the natural surroundings, and a cozy and comfortable place to spend a summer by the sea.