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This converted school bus is letting one couple cross the continent in style

After spending years working stressful nine-to-five jobs in Texas, Justine and Ryan decided they needed a big change. They started by buying an old yellow school bus and then spent the next 18 months transforming it into a modern, roving home.

They began the reno by peeling off the vinyl “SCHOOL BUS” lettering on the front of the bus and then ripped out each seat by hand. Next, they painted the interior a bright white, added foam insulation to the walls, and then built what would become the kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bedroom. Next came installing lights, floor tiles, and appliances, and adding finishing touches like custom curtains, hand-picked furnishings, and putting up as many bookshelves as they could possibly fit. Finally, they finished the makeover with a fresh blue paint job.

Since officially hitting the road last June, the couple, along with their two cats and dog, has driven more than 16,000 kilometres in their new abode. You can follow their adventures on their website, We Got Schooled.