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Floating eco-cabin lets you spend the night out on the water

When it comes to describing houseboats, we tend to use words like “cosy,” “quaint,”  and “cute,” but rarely would we describe a houseboat as “elegant.” However, a Dutch architect has created a houseboat that changes that. With his minimal design, Marijn Beije of LINES Designworks has reinvented the houseboat as a light-filled catamaran that is modern, clean, and, yes, elegant.

Beije designed the Ecolodge with the goal of convincing young city-dwellers to get away from their devices and back into nature. There are plenty of windows for checking out the surroundings, a small kitchen and bathroom, a rooftop patio for sunbathing, and a crows nest for getting a better view.

The boat was also built to be sustainable. It uses solar power and efficient LED lights and comes with clean and black water tanks. Without noisy motors or gas-guzzling generators, it blends peacefully into its surroundings.

Want one of your own? This buoyant little home is now available for purchase through APEcolodges.