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Our favourite cabin building plans: Whitetail


This article was originally published in the Fall 2015 issue of Cottage Life magazine

This traditional-looking log cabin squeezes a lot of life into 1,133 sq. ft., in part because of its spacious second-floor loft with master bedroom and adjoining ensuite. In-laws and other weekend guests will love the main floor second bedroom with easy access to the bathroom, kitchen, and porch, not to mention the great room that opens out to a covered porch on one side and a long deck on another, making for a grand total of 384 sq. ft. of hang space to satisfy outdoorsy types. Timber Castle uses eco-friendly, kiln-dried timber, which means the wood isn’t treated with any chemicals and is less susceptible to warping, and, in the long run, this straight, tight fit will translate into less money spent on maintenance and heating. 

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