A humble hayloft is transformed into a modern retreat

A barn conversion is a bit like an elaborately wrapped gift: beautiful to look at on the outside, but it’s what’s inside that’s truly intriguing.

There are so many ways a barn space can be reimagined—as everything from a ski lodge to an office space—and every barn conversion is unique. But this incredible hayloft is one of the most unusual conversions we’ve ever seen. The hayloft’s weatherbeaten exterior is a stark contrast to its clean, modern interior—but somehow the two complement one another perfectly. The home has everything from a massive gym space to a perfectly ordered garage, all within a rustic barn shell.

Huge windows have replaced portions of the wall, one of the only external clues to what lies within. Otherwise, the home’s owners chose to stick with the traditional barn look they loved.

“You know what I love about this house?” the homeowner told Big Life Magazine, “When you drive into the driveway, you think, ‘What a beautiful rustic barn,’ and you expect everything inside to be cozy and a little old-fashioned. But then you walk in and think ‘Wow! Everything inside is clean and modern, with these killer floor-to-ceiling mountain views.’ It’s contemporary and fresh.”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves. Check out these photos revealing a surprising take on the traditional barn conversion.