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This compact, eco-friendly home is big on design

When Laura and Robbie started thinking about designing their dream family home in Queenstown, New Zealand, they wanted it to be as eco-friendly as possible, even if that meant sacrificing square-footage. With this green mandate in mind, Robbie, who runs the architectural practise The Draughting Company, came up with a layout featuring two bedrooms, an open concept kitchen/living room, and a studio for Laura, who works as a graphic designer and artist.

While the couple had to forgo a garage and separate bedrooms for their two young children, they did get a house with plenty of energy-efficient features, like airtight wrap, which will prevent unintentional air leakage through walls and ceilings, hi-spec windows with low-e coatings, and integrated passive design. And the interiors are equally impressive too: cool graphic furniture and natural wood finishes complement the stark white walls. Dubbed the Little Black Barn, Laura and Robbie’s small home is big on design.