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This Puget Sound cottage makes the most of a narrow lot

When Rebbecca Abair started thinking about how to design her new home overlooking Puget Sound in Washington state, there were multiple factors she had to consider. Firstly, the lot was narrow and environmental regulations meant she couldn’t build too close to the water. Secondly, she was working under a tight budget. And finally, she wanted a space that felt cozy and honoured the beautiful surroundings. After mulling over her options, it became clear that a small cottage was the perfect choice.

Rebbecca drew up the design for her 1,155-square-foot cottage and then recruited the British Columbia Timberframe Company to be the architect on the project. She made sure that the main living areas faced the water, tucked away the home’s only bedroom on the second floor, and built a large porch for outdoor dining. The finished cottage is warm and welcoming, and offers stunning views of Puget Sound.