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A 1980s RV is transformed into a family-friendly tiny home

Thanks to the tiny house revolution, it’s not unusual to find couples swapping their spacious apartments and suburban homes for nomadic lives in travel trailers. It is uncommon, however, to find entire families living in such tight quarters. Yet for Sara, Austin, and their two young children, life in a renovated RV is completely cozy, comfortable, and affordable.

It all started when earlier this year, Sara and Austin looked over their budget and quickly realized their housing expenses were too high. After brainstorming on ways to cut costs, the solution became clear: live small in a tiny house. They decided their most affordable option was renovating an RV, so the couple began scouring Craigslist until they found a 1989 Safari RV that was perfect—if not a bit rundown. Over two months of renovations, the couple replaced the floors, ceilings, and kitchen appliances, and brought it new pint-sized furnishings that wouldn’t overwhelm the small space. And although the RV is parked in northwestern Washington, it isn’t immobile. When the mood strikes, the couple can re-install the driver’s seat and take their home for a spin.