Young black bear filmed trying to enter Ontario home

Bear Photo by Christopher MacDonald/Shutterstock.com

On Saturday morning, Marysol Deeley woke to a bang and a tapping at her window. When she went to investigate, she found a bear staring back at her.

Based on the apparent youth of this animal, she decided to take some precautions before confronting the bear. Deeley has had lots of encounters with bears on her property in Dorion, just outside of Thunder Bay.

“It actually tried to get in the bedroom window. I knew it was there so I went to some of the other windows to see if there were other bears around,” Deeley told Tbnewswatch.

Making sure that the coast was clear, Deeley decided to confront the young black bear with camera in hand.

“Most of the time they run away or they’re gone before you get out there,” said Deeley, adding that the bear appeared stunned when she first opened the door.

The black bear, looking more like a puppy than a wild animal, hesitated before taking off into the woods.

“I made some noise to scare it a little bit more so it would be afraid of humans the next time it comes near the houses, and it took off pretty quick,” Deeley told CBC.

It is important to discourage bears from loitering around homes, especially at this young age. Loud noises, aggressive behaviour, and throwing things at the bear are all great deterrents. Though it can seem cruel, this is an important step toward making sure the bear doesn’t become habituated, and as a result, a danger to itself.