Yellowstone grizzly pays a personal visit to a car

Aside from an angry moose during rutting season, there’s perhaps no wildlife sighting more terrifying in North America than an up-close grizzly bear. These massive animals can kill with a single swipe of their paw, and can be much more aggressive than the smaller black bear.

That’s why these visitors to Yellowstone Park were in no hurry to exit their vehicle when a hungry grizzly approached the car looking for food. The video poster hypothesized that the inquisitive bear may have been attracted to the smell of an open bag of beef jerky in the car.

While the up-close encounter yielded an amazing video of the grizzly, it’s a chilling reminder of the importance of caution when when camping in grizzly-dense areas. They possess an incredible sense of smell, and are not shy about approaching human camps for a snack. When camping, always hang your food in a tree at night, including non edible items with a strong smell such as sunscreen and even camera film. Never eat food inside your tent, as crumbs and oil from food leave a scent that may result in a night-time visitor.