Woman takes on potential forest fire with nothing more than a frying pan

Nancy Weeks standing in forest with frying pan [Credit: Maine Forest Rangers]

When Nancy Weeks came across an abandoned campfire that was burning out of control, she not only called in forest rangers, but worked to control the fire with the only tool at her disposal — a frying pan.

The Maine Forest Rangers credit Nancy with preventing a forest fire. Encountering the flames, she used her frying pan to collect water from a nearby pond and douse the blaze.

“She did us a big solid today,” the Forest Rangers posted on their Facebook page. “. . . We are very grateful. If you know Nancy, be sure to give her a high 5. She did great!”

Smoky forest
By the time forest rangers reached it, the fire had already produced a considerable amount of smoke. [Credit: Maine Forest Rangers]
Thanks to Nancy’s actions, the Rangers posted, the fire was “100% contained.”

In Maine, forest fire season generally lasts until the first snowfall. In Canada, there’s typically a risk of forest fires until around October. If you find a fire burning out of control, call your province’s fire service or 911 . If the blaze is small, you can work to contain it.

And if you don’t have a bucket handy, you can always look for an alternative container, as Nancy Weeks did. Smokey the Bear would be proud.

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