Wolf lies in wait for deer struggling to swim across a river

Jasper National Park is a popular destination for campers looking to catch a glimpse of Canada’s breathtaking wildlife in its natural habitat. One such visitor was merely attempting to capture a photograph of imposing Mt. Edith Cavell, but got so much more.

At first glance the video is impressive enough. A mule deer (not an elk as labelled in the title) fords a rapidly moving river, struggling to stay afloat and reach the other side. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; those with eagle eyes will spot a wolf lying in wait.

Wolves usually hunt in packs, and a lone wolf would have less of a chance of taking down a deer on open ground. But one that is exhausted and distracted? That might just be an easy kill for the opportunistic predator.

The deer wastes no time rushing back to the relative safety of the water, and the video ends with the wolf following along the river bank. But considering its prey can just cross back over, it looks like there will be no meal today.

If you’d like to try your luck at spotting some close encounters of your own, you can find more information on how to book campsites at Jasper National Park on their website.