Witness an epic Alaskan streetfight between two enormous bull moose

Rutting season might be almost over, but that only means the antlers are bigger, the bulls are more desperate, and the fights are more epic. Case in point, this street brawl between two massive moose, which spills onto a neighbour’s lawn. Consider for a moment that these hulking creatures are over a thousand pounds, and could easily toss a human being over their shoulder without breaking a sweat.

This kind of proximity to local wildlife is a part of living in Alaska, where the video was filmed. Of course, the person behind the camera stays well back from these powerhouses, and you can see a mail carrier watching from the (relative) safety of a mail truck.

These symbolic wrestling matches are a regular occurrence in rutting season. While the competition of endurance and strength is exhausting, it is meant to be non-lethal. However, occasionally the antlers can become hopelessly entangled, endangering the survival of both animals. If you come across a couple of moose locked together like this, it is best to call wildlife services, as the moose will likely starve if not separated.

Unfortunately, we are unable to witness the victor in this particular match, as the moose disappear beside the side of a house and out of sight.