White-tailed deer effortlessly hops over backyard fences


Humans cause a lot of trouble for deer. Whether we’re trapping them in fences or hammocks, it seems like they’d have a much easier time without our interference. That being said, there are many cases of humans helping deer that caused their own predicaments, for example this one that fell through thin ice, or these two bucks whose antlers became entangled.

This video is definitely in the first category, starring a deer that took a wrong turn and ended up in a suburban backyard. The agile deer is able to jump the fences separating the properties, but each jump is a risk. The deer has no way of knowing what obstacles are on the other side, and risks a broken leg each attempt. A broken leg is pretty much fatal for ungulates, who rely on their speed to stay alive.

Still, it is an excellent example of just how high these capable creatures can jump. This is the advantage of powerful hind legs, which also come in handy for outpacing predators.

The video ends before we discover what happened to the trapped deer, but here’s hoping it was able to jump to safety. Have you had a close encounter with a deer? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section!