We dare you not to laugh at these hysterical fishing bloopers

A fishing show called Bill Dance Outdoors has managed to accrue a considerable amount of hilarious bloopers over the lifespan of the show, and an enterprising YouTube user has assembled them into this amazing string of mishaps. The show has had a long run, beginning in 1968, and it still continues to this day, so there was no shortage of material.

In fact, Bill even offers a fishing tips phone app for all you high tech anglers out there.

Whether falling in the lake or smashing expensive fishing rods, Bill can’t seem to catch a break. What makes it even funnier is his PG-rated reactions when the show goes off the rails. In an era where casual cursing is the norm, it’s charming to hear someone use dadgummit in a fit of rage.

We salute Bill for his efforts to teach folks about fishing, and we hope he doesn’t mind us having a chuckle at his expense. One thing’s for sure: he’ll always be welcome on our fishing trips.