Watch two massive moose duke it out on an Alaskan driveway

Throughout most of Canada, driveways serve a dual purpose: they’re a place to practice your slapshot, and they’re a parking spot for your AWD vehicle.

But in Alaska, where the estimated moose population sits around 200,000 (that’s one moose for every three and a half people), driveways like this one in Anchorage have an occasional third purpose: they’re the battlegrounds of bull moose, who clash antlers in the fall rut to prove their mating mettle.

As the echoing of colliding antlers suggests, the bulls in the video are beyond huge. Alaska-Yukon are the largest subspecies of moose, and males can weigh up to 1,000 kilograms and stand over six feet tall, with antlers that stretch two metres wide.

Which is likely why the lucky cameraman booked it as soon as the SUV he was hiding behind drove away.

Though clashes like this one are common, it’s rare to watch one from a suburban sidewalk.
So sit back and marvel at the size and power of these massive bulls, and maybe offer a consolatory cringe for whoever paid to have that driveway paved.

Update: Watch part two of the moose melee here.