Watch these cows jump for joy after a long winter indoors

If you grew up on or near a dairy farm—or if you still live on one—you’ll be familiar with the “spring dance,” when the cows are finally let out of their winter lodgings and are free to roam the pasture.

Just about every Canadian can relate to the happy cows in this video. As the long Canadian winter drags on, frigid weather takes its toll on all of us. More time indoors means less sunlight, and sometimes it seems like the colour green might not exist anymore.

That’s why it’s a treat to watch these joyous dairy cows as they trot out of their winter lodgings and literally jump for joy.

It’s a nice reminder of how complex and beautiful animals can be, and sets the bar for our own behaviour when the winter months recede and we also get to frolic.

See you in the pasture!