Watch as a baby elk almost loses the herd as it struggles to get over a fence

If you’re known to root for the underdog (or in this case, a young elk) get a tissue handy before watching this video.

In the three-minute clip, watch as a massive herd of elk migrating across Montana majestically jump over a farmer’s fence, cross the road, and continue through more farm land on the other side.

As the dozens upon dozens of elk gracefully clear the fence in a rhythmic motion, displaying pure uniform athleticism, a smaller elk seems to be having a bit of trouble. Eventually, the young elk is the only one left on the other side of the fence. The elk desperately tries to climb over, but fails after several heart-wrenching attempts. On several occasions, his nimble limbs get caught and he stumbles.

We can just imagine what the herd is thinking, realizing the young elk is missing.

“Wait, where’s lil Johnny?”
“I thought he was you?”
“No, he was your assigned buddy!”
“Well isn’t this just great!”

Running out of options, the young elk takes a galloping start, and yes, finally clears the fence. As he trots across the road and runs through the farmland, the rest of the herd comes into focus. They had been waiting the whole time.

This video showcases the importance of wildlife corridors, which are areas that connect wildlife populations that have been separated by human interaction or structures, allowing animals to move freely between habitats.

It also gives new meaning to the military mantra, no man left behind.