Watch a tiny French bulldog run two bears off her property

Attitude is everything, and this video of Jewels the French bulldog chasing two bears out of her yard proves it.

The footage comes from security cameras that David Hernandez, a California homeowner, installed on his property to catch the bears that had been damaging the surroundings. The video shows two small bears wandering across Hernandez’s patio when, like a bolt of lightning, Jewels streaks toward them in full watchdog mode.

The bears are clearly startled, recoiling as Jewels charges them. One takes a confused swipe at the little dog, but Jewels is undaunted, first chasing one of the them up and down the stairs, then intimidating the other until it climbs a fence to escape her relentless attack.

Hernandez discovered the footage when he went through his security tapes, and he was duly impressed by his pet’s dedication to protecting his property. “It blew me away,” he told WSBT-TV. “I couldn’t believe it, that she turned into a wolverine!”

Commenters have noted that the two bears appear quite young, which may be why they allowed themselves to be bullied by such a small opponent. Nevertheless, the little dog proves that having confidence counts. In comparison with the hundred-plus pound bears, Jewels is twenty pounds of pure nerve.

So next time you’ve got an obstacle ahead of you and aren’t sure if you’re up to the task, think of Jewels and tackle it head-on.