Watch a fawn and rabbit frolic together in the Rockies

Updated: June 12, 2017

Fawn and bunny frolicking

Who doesn’t love an interspecies friendship? Of course, the original best-friend duo we all grew up loving was Bambi and his mischievous friend Thumper, which makes this sighting of a fawn and rabbit playing together that much more thrilling.

The two were spotted outside YMCA of the Rockies near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The curious fawn can be seen following his new pal around the YMCA’s lawn, responding to the rabbit’s jumps with joyful leaps of his own.

The moment was captured by YMCA volunteers Steve and Vicky Johnsen, who shared the video to Facebook, garnering thousands of views (and plenty of awwws). “It just brightens everyone’s day when they watch it,” Martha Sortland, YMCA of the Rockies spokeswoman, told ABC News.

It’s not the first time a deer and a rabbit have made friends, as this post from Animal Intelligence shows. Nevertheless, it is always a joyful experience to see a new fawn exploring the world and making new friends.