Warden uses his wits to free two tangled deer

Rutting season can be a violent time for deer, as bucks lock antlers to assert dominance. The display of aggression is meant to be symbolic in nature, a way to avoid bloodshed while establishing a hierarchy of mates. In practice, however, these epic battles can get more complicated. Occasionally deer are fatally wounded by accident, and in some cases, a permanent horn lock occurs. This can spell doom for both competitors as they struggle to survive and forage with their heads joined.

An unidentified Texas warden from Comal County came across a similar problem in this YouTube video, involving a nylon rope, which connected the horns. In their struggle to separate, the deer had found themselves separated by a pole.

The clever warden implemented a creative solution, pulling his vehicle between them as a temporary barrier. Conscious of the possibility of an accidental goring, he climbed up on the hood, out of danger while he hacked at the rope.

This quick thinking surely saved the lives of the two deer, who ran to safety as soon as they were cut free. Of course they will suffer from sore necks for awhile, but thanks to this parks employee, they will live to fight another day.

If you would like to see more Texas wildlife, be sure to check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife YouTube channel.