Wandering moose falls in love with a sprinkler

Don’t bother watering the lawn while this moose is around, because it’s got other plans for your sprinkler.

The Mitchell Family from Bear Lake, Utah, caught this footage of a thirsty moose helping himself to some H20 from their lawn watering device. At first the curious moose takes a few sips, but eventually hunkers down for a long drinking session once it realizes the cold, fresh water is virtually unlimited.

While the video isn’t exactly action-packed, it is interesting to see just how much water an average moose can store in its body. It’s no wonder these large creatures can go for extended periods without refreshment.

While this particular moose is quite determined to fill its tanks, it’s always best to practice caution around ungulate mammals. Especially during rutting season and when they are protecting their calves, these gorgeous animals can do a lot of damage with their powerful bodies.

Often human inventions can cause problems and even injury for wildlife, but it’s good to see that this particular invention has come in very handy on a hot day.