Video catches tough-guy skunk chasing away a cougar 

skunk chases cougar off road Greg Shyba

We all know skunk spray packs a mean olfactory punch, but even so,  it’s hard to believe that bigger predators are actually afraid of these fuzzy little guys. However, there’s now video evidence of the skunk’s dominance in the animal kingdom.

Greg Shyba, CEO of the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, was driving near Calgary when he took this video of a skunk taking on a cougar — and winning. Initially, the video shows the cougar trotting jauntily towards the skunk, perhaps anticipating an easy meal. However, when the skunk wheels around to face the cougar, the bigger animal clearly realizes it’s made a mistake. The tables have clearly turned when the cougar runs away, the skunk trotting along in what looks like gleeful pursuit.

The skunk continues along its way, and the video cuts to the cougar, presumably a few minutes later, skulking in the brush. The cat looks like it’s considering trying to sneak back up on the little stinker, but before it can even make a move, the skunk comes rushing in out of nowhere, sending the cougar running for cover once again.

If you’ve ever wondered if a skunk’s spray is really that bad, this video contains your answer. The skunk doesn’t even need to spray in order to scare away a fearsome predator four times his size.

Skunks rarely end up getting eaten by cougars, thanks to their smell and their tough-guy attitude. They do, however, sometimes end up being lunch for great horned owls and the red-tailed hawks, who have a poor sense of smell.

Still, for these small and deceptively cute little mammals, bravado clearly goes a long way in keeping them safe. Just in case you needed a reminder, in most things in life, confidence is half the battle.

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