Up close and personal with a thirsty mosquito

Want to know the most pointless question in the world?

It’s “Who here likes mosquitoes?”

There’s a lot to hate about these annoying pests. They suck our blood, make our skin itch, and drive us mad with their high-pitched buzzing. As if that wasn’t enough, they spread disease quickly and efficiently among humans, making them the most deadly creature on the planet.

Unfortunately, they are also an integral part of the ecosystem. During their aquatic larval stage, they process algae from the water to grow, and in turn provide a valuable food source for fish. Once they are airborne, they also provide sustenance for birds, bats, and spiders.

Watching this close-up video of a mosquito drawing blood may be a bit grotesque, but it’s fascinating to see how they function, and inspiring to see the intricacies of their tiny bodies.

You’ll never be entirely rid of mosquitoes entirely at the cottage, but you can minimize their numbers by eliminating standing water pools (such as buckets or tarps that have collected rainwater). For more information about controlling mosquitoes, check out this handy guide.

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