Two jet skiers narrowly avoid disastrous collision

Just like motorcycles, jet skis trade the increased safety of a larger vehicle for heart-thumping excitement. But a vacationer from Uruguay in Cancun almost discovered the hard way just how quickly a jet ski ride can go south.

Alejandro Bouvier was a passenger on a jet ski when his video camera picked up another rider behaving erratically. As the two drew closer, Bouvier yelled for his friend to stop. The friend, concerned he would lose maneuverability if he let up on the gas, actually sped up.

Luckily both drivers veered in opposite directions and narrowly avoided a collision. Not only could the impact have seriously injured or killed the men, but the rented jet skis cost approximately $50 per square inch to repair.

Bouvier is happy to have survived the close call unscathed with an exciting video to boot.

“I was more concerned about the cost of the jet skis than our injuries,” admitted Bouvier. “But after watching the video and thinking about it, I believe it could have caused really bad injuries, if not death.”