Try not to laugh as the ocean bullies a kayaker and steals his lunch

Sure, not everyone is born a water baby, but this guy has no business going anywhere near a kayak. After his fishing partner successfully launches into the ocean, this hapless fellow struggles to stay on his feet, much less paddle past the breakers.

As wave after wave crashes in, he struggles to stay upright, eventually tumbling out of the kayak. In no time at all, his fishing rod and cooler are separated from the craft, he comically tries to solve every problem at once, succeeding at none.

The bumbling goes on for so long it almost seems like a comedy routine. And as if to honour that conceit, the video uploader sped up the footage and added music, reminiscent of Benny Hill’s classic schtick.

Finally, after much frustration, the kayaker finally makes some headway, successfully boarding the kayak and leaving his fishing rod and cooler behind. While we at Cottage Life don’t condone littering, perhaps the combined loss of face and loss of his lunch is punishment enough.

In all seriousness, the sea is an unpredictable place, and waves can catch anyone off guard. Always make sure to wear a life jacket so a situation like this remains something to chuckle about, rather than a serious cause for concern.