Tiny husky puppy hasn’t quite mastered the art of the howl

All dogs descended from wolves (yes, even the Chihuahua), but their closest lookalike is definitely the husky. These hearty canines are often used for sledding thanks to their strong limbs, remarkable endurance, and thick fur.

These traits also make them popular with dog owners, who also admire them for their robust nature and beautiful appearance. A happy bonus for welcoming a husky puppy into your home is how utterly cute they look with their oversized paws—they’re an adorable miniature version of the formidable dogs they will become.

Huskies are designed for cold living, sporting a double coat featuring two types of fur thickness. The coarse outer fur keeps out the snow, while a fluffy inner fur traps heat efficiently. This trait, combined with a very energetic metabolism, has made them the dog of choice for the Inuit, who relied on the dogs to survive extremely harsh winter conditions.

In this YouTube video, a husky puppy named Ramsey tries out his vocal chords, attempting to match a human howling at him. He doesn’t quite hit the mark, but watching him instinctively try to join in a group howl is pretty heartwarming. Ramsey will certainly prove to be a loyal and enthusiastic member of the lucky household that raises him.