This gorgeous gallery of Canadian ice-fishing huts will have you reeling

Photographer Richard Johnson has traveled across Canada on a singular mission to document hundreds of diverse ice-fishing huts across this great country. You don’t have to leave your chair to join him in his travels across one of the largest countries in the world, taking in the temporary huts of local ice-fishing enthusiasts.

According to Johnson’s artist statement: “The ice-fishing hut has its own essential purpose. It must be weather resistant and transportable, giving basic shelter and access to the ground beneath it … These provisional shelters offer a colourful glimpse into the Canadian culture of ice fishing.”

While the project is still incomplete, missing notable provinces such as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, he has done an impressive job capturing beautiful images of the great variety of designs. From ramshackle, rusting huts to genuine works of architectural art, his careful portraits are a window into the soul of our provinces.

You can follow Richard’s ongoing project and see many more ice huts by checking out his website at icehuts.ca.