These photos of B.C. blossoms prove that spring really is here

The first day of spring was March 20, but in Canada, “spring” is but a name. In many provinces, snow and sleet aren’t discouraged by the change in seasons, while in some (well, one), flowers have been budding for weeks now.

B.C. is Canada’s herald of spring. When the cherry blossoms bloom on the west coast, it means warm weather for the rest of Canada isn’t too far behind. This year, the trees began blossoming mid-February, rather than the usual mid-March, which is a more reliable signal of an early spring than the groundhog not seeing his shadow. Now in full swing, the blossoms are a glorious harbinger of the season to come.

Cherry blossoms are also a reminder of spring’s impermanence. The blossoms tend to last 14 days or less, creating a brilliant—but short-lived—burst of colour and vibrance. It’s a reminder to celebrate what we have while it’s still here. And so, to commemorate this brief bloom, here are a few of our favourite photos of B.C.’s blossoms this spring.