These photos capture Canada’s amazing underwater scenery

Most people know that Canada is full of incredible landscapes, but less people are familiar with its incredible waterscapes. Canada is a water-rich country. We’re bordered by three oceans, we’re home to the great lakes (minus Lake Michigan), and have thousands of lakes and rivers scattered across the country. This means there’s a whole lot going on that we don’t usually see. Many of our amazing ecosystems and natural spaces are, well, submerged.

But thanks to modern cameras built to capture underwater scenes, we can get a glimpse of what life is like in Canada’s bodies of water. There are plenty of people documenting what goes on in our ponds and lakes, and they have captured some surprising and stunning shots. And while Canada’s oceans might not be a tropical diving destinations, divers do nevertheless come here to see the amazing sights at our cold water diving spots.

This gallery is a selection of some of the amazing shots that have been taken of Canada’s underwater scenes, and the plants and animals that live there, usually out of our sight.

Photo credit: Paul Nicklen