These adventure cats are the ultimate outdoor companions

There’s a reason we bring our dogs to the cottage and leave our cats at home—the message that cats are antisocial, disobedient, and lazy has been immortalized by everything from comic strips to fridge magnets. But a popular Instagram account is now disproving this vicious anti-cat propaganda with a series of photos devoted to the wild outdoor adventures of Bolt and Keel, a couple of happy-go-lucky “adventure cats.”

As their photos demonstrate, Bolt and Keel go with their owners on all sorts of adventures. They love group activities in the outdoors, and so far have gone hiking, kayaking, and snowshoeing (all while wearing expedition-appropriate apparel like lifejackets and knit scarves).

Their owners, Kayleen VanderRee and Danielle Gumbley, didn’t intend to have such adventurous cats. In fact, they didn’t plan to have cats at all. The two were hiking in Sooke, BC, when they found a couple of kittens behind a garbage can. They had a camping and canoeing trip planned the next day, and the SPCA was closed, so they simply took the kittens with them. They decided to keep the cats, who have become their regular travel companions, as well as social media sensations. Who knows? Perhaps Bolt and Keel will inspire a whole new generation of adventure cats.