The most predictable activities you’ll probably do this fall

Decorative gourds [Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Elvert Barnes]

Ah, autumn. The season of clichés. When you think of autumn, the same things always come to mind: pumpkin spice, Halloween, colourful leaves, and warm socks. It’s all just so predictable, and yet somehow still awesome.

Some traditions only grow stronger year after year, and that’s how we feel about the yearly rituals of autumn. Every one of the following activities will coat you in a thick layer of nostalgia, and you’ll love it. Trying new things is great, but fall is not the time for new things. It’s the time for falling back on the tried and true.

So without further ado, here are the 7 most predictable activities we bet you’ll engage in this fall.

Go apple picking

You know the drill: head on out to the orchard with your family on some golden-sunny day and spend an afternoon as people have for hundreds of years, picking apples. The spoils of your labour will also help fuel you through the rest of the season: apple pie, apple cider, apple crumble, apple sauce. So get your hands on some apples, the lifeblood of fall.

Make (or at least eating) pumpkin pie

Pumpkin is both the easiest-to-make and most-delicious-to-eat of pies. Anyone who says they don’t like pumpkin pie is either lying or . . . no, just lying. There’s a reason why we eat pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. We need maximum opportunities to stuff our faces with this autumnal dessert.

Check out the fall foliage

“Why don’t we take a walk and look at the leaves?” is a phrase you’ll probably hear countless times this month — and you’ll love it every time. Walking with the dazzling fall colours in your eyes and the crunch of leaves under your feet, you’re truly getting the best of what fall has to offer.

Choose an awesome Halloween costume

The most difficult decision of the year, but also, potentially one of the most rewarding. No, we’re not joking. Having a great Halloween costume will add to your prestige all year long. Great Halloween costumes go down in history.

Put on your coziest sweater

It’s been sitting neglected in your closet all summer, but finally, you’re together again. You and your favourite sweater are going to be inseparable for months, but the honeymoon period after the first reunion is the sweetest.

Get lost in a corn maze

No one can resist a corn maze. These massive labyrinths appeal to our most childlike senses of exploration and wonder, plus, they’re made out of one of the most iconic North American crops: corn. Even if you don’t make your way into a maze this year, you’re nearly guaranteed to end up eating some before the year is out, in popcorn form at the very least.

Drink a pumpkin-spiced beverage

Pumpkin spice has gotten a bad rap in the last few years, but why? Because it unabashedly celebrates everyone’s favourite season? Haters may bash pumpkin spice, but without seasonal flavours like this, what. And even if you’re not the latté type, there are still plenty of other pumpkin beverages that pop up this season, including pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin ales, and pumpkin hot chocolates. Resistance is futile. Give in to the pumpkin hype.

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