The funniest place a squirrel has ever tried to bury a nut

For humans, burying food would be nuts. But for squirrels, it’s is a way of life. Lacking pantries or refrigerators, they are forced to bury their excess of food, or risk starving during the winter months.

But what if the squirrel is inside, where the only ground is made of carpet? This squirrel got creative.

Wally is a squirrel that has found unique solution for hiding his excess food: hiding it in the fur of an extremely patient Bernese mountain dog named Jax.

It’s not clear from the video description whether Wally is a rescued squirrel that will be released into the wild, but he has certainly found a tolerant friend in Jax.

For more videos of Wally’s antics, check out YouTube user Shannon Apple’s channel.