Terrified joggers pursued by a relentless black bear

It’s every jogger’s nightmare: you’re running along a trail, enjoying nature, when a black bear appears. You follow everything you’ve been taught: making yourself look bigger, creating loud noises, and refusing to turn your back on the threat.

But the bear keeps coming.

Two joggers on the Matcheetawin Discovery Trails in northern Alberta were in this exact situation earlier this month on June 5. As they back away from the advancing bear, they discuss options, including using their tripod as a blunt weapon or throwing rocks.

“Get ready to hit him in the head. We’re going to have to knock him out,” says one man.

After three minutes of nail-biting pursuit, the bear seems to lose interest. The men waste no time running to safety.

It should be noted that at no point did the bear attack the joggers. This suggests the possibility that it was merely a curious juvenile, looking to make friends. But we don’t blame the frightened fitness-enthusiasts for not sticking around to find out.