Take a soak in the woods with this portable hot tub

Let’s be honest: a hot tub isn’t exactly something that’s easily moved around. And yet, what could be more relaxing than having a soak out in the open air, far away from civilization?


A clever invention called the Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub offers a unique solution. The vinyl-lined tub can be compressed into a small space, then packed out to whatever lake or isolated beach you like.


The tub is approximately five feet wide and two feet high, which allows for five people to enjoy the water together. Of course, then you have to fill the 225-gallon tub, which would require a substantial amount of labour. If a bucket brigade is not your style, the manufacturers recommend using a dedicated water pump to make things easier.


The heater is powered by propane, and uses a technique called thermosyphoning to warm the water and keep things toasty.


Certainly the Nomad is pretty low on the list of essential camping items, but if you enjoy drive-in camping, and are looking for a fun and epic way to relax, consider a collapsible hot tub. After a long day of camping, your muscles will thank you.