Surf’s up for this friendly seal pup

Surfing’s tricky enough without a lovable seal constantly trying to steal your board. A couple of surfer friends, Matt and Andrew were trying to catch some tubular waves in early August when a seal pup arrived. They were frightened at first from the unknown visitor who came from below. Matt recalls, “We didn’t know what it was! It nudged [Andrew’s] foot from underneath,”

Thanks to a trusty waterproof camera affixed to the surfboard, this hilarious and adorable video depicts the pup’s comical attempts to beach itself on the board’s slippery surface. After playing around with the seal for about an hour, Matt and Andrew returned to shore. However, they became concerned when the little seal tried to follow them onto dry land.

“When we got home Andy rang the local marine wildlife authority to make them aware of what occurred just in case the seal was unwell,” said Matt. “He didn’t seem unwell when he was surfing in like a pro!”

It is unknown if the pup was reunited with its mother, but we hope that the little guy makes it home safe and sound, with a couple gnarly tricks up its sleeve.