Stunning white moose spotted in Newfoundland

Bill Langer was on a road trip from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia when he witnessed a startling sight: a white moose.

albino moose 2

He managed to snap some photos of the unique animal, which was spotted just outside of Stephenville on June 15. According to Langer, the large animal was in no hurry, and lingered in the area for approximately five minutes.

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In 2002 the Newfoundland government granted special protection to a moose of similar appearance found on the Port au Port Peninsula. It is unknown if this is the same moose, but considering the rarity of an albino moose in the wild, it’s likely the same individual. From the photographs, the moose appears healthy and well-fed, which will be welcome news for local residents.

albino moose

Langer has shared his photographs of the strangely-coloured ungulate, and described the experience as “very amazing.”

albino moose 3