Stella the dog discovers the joys of frolicking in a leaf pile

Anyone who’s grown up around trees knows that autumn is the time you pay the price for their silent presence. Yes, it’s a time of brisk mornings, hot apple cider, and raking leaves.

Lots and lots of leaves.

Of course, the upside of a hard day of raking is the ever-exciting leaf pile. Nothing beats jumping into a great big mountain of leaves and undoing all of that hard work with some good old-fashioned horsing around. Or dogging around, in Stella’s case.

With some encouragement from a thrown tennis ball by her owner, Stella is happy to jump into the sea of leaves over and over, sometimes buried so deep that just her wagging tail can be seen. The activity is clearly very stimulating for Stella, as sniffing out the ball amongst the strong earthy smell of the freshly raked leaves must be quite a challenge.

User Jody Hartman has more videos of her dog available on her channel, and adds in the description that “Stella is a perfectly healthy yellow lab with no medical issues at all. She has been tested for EIC, and her funny way of stopping is just how she cools down on the grass.”

Happy raking!