Startling aerial video shows paddleboarder’s close encounter with shark

Remote-control drones used to be the stuff of science fiction movies. But these increasingly-affordable quadrocopters have been used to great effect providing video from a bird’s eye view for aspiring filmmakers. If you’ve never seen one, they look like this:


Since paddleboarding is traditionally a wet sport, high up in the air is a great place to safely check out the wave-riding below. The aerial view is spectacular, penetrating deep into the clear blue water.

Which allows us to see the shark. Swimming uncomfortably close to the people below, unseen but potentially deadly. A paddleboarder, oblivious to the danger below, even passes right over a shark while surfing into shore.

While the sight is shocking, the shark is technically well below the surface. Still, it must be chilling for the paddleboarder to review this footage and see just how close he was to starring in his very own version of Jaws.